A Transdisciplinarian Look on Coordination and Co – operation in Organizations

Congrès EMCSR – Vienne 2012

Auteur : Claude Lambert

Abstract: The management of the organizations includes coordination and co-operation. These two concepts have antagonisms: freedom and obligation, measurement and not-measurement, …. Based on anthropological and sociological studies of Bronislav Malinowski and Marcel Mauss we can distinguish two networks from separate exchanges. A network functions on the basis of circuit of the commercial type the other based on the ceremonial gift. This distinction makes it possible to highlight an overlap of loops functioning on apparently irreconcilable different criteria. While basing itself on the antagonistic logic of Stephan Lupasco and the concept of level of reality brought by Basarab Nicolescu, we connect two levels of realities reconciled by the concept of Third-included. By supporting us on trialectic modeling, we can connect a set of concepts to work in the registers of the action, management and the attitude.

Keywords: Coordination, co-operation, antagonism, third-included

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