An essay of a systemic reading that can support a paradigm shift

Séminaire UES – Charleroi – 2013

Auteur : Andrée Piecq, Claude Lambert

Abstract : The observation of the functioning of an organization is a complex act. Observation without evaluation of a single fact, except being in a solipsistic approach, can be seen as a relatively simple operation that allows a median intersubjective agreement. By cons, when the mission is to report on the operation of a phenomenon that should lead to an assessment, we are in the presence of tensions. This evaluation will implement abstractions needed for representation of the operation of a phenomenon. These abstractions make use of concepts whose meaning can only be understood in relation to its opposite: cold – hot, open – closed, operating – non-operating. Common sense tells us that the assessment is not a matter of choice between one of the words but need a gradation. Based on this observation many times repeated by others before us, we are led to revisit our systems approach. It appears obvious to us that the approach to the identification of entities that are connected subsequently to form a coherent whole is not sufficient. We must adopt an approach whose foundation may account for the processes, movements and tensions. Our study focused under the light of the field theory. This brings us in the heart of a paradox: continuousdiscrete. The same paradox has stimulated research in quantum field using particle and wave relation.

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