Dynamics of resiliency in human systems – Key factors and key players

Congrès UES – Octobre 2014

Auteur : Guy Koninckx

Abstract :

For an operative organization, certain prerequisites must be met. Presence of resilience capabilities and an enabling environment does not provide a sufficient context for the emergence of resilience. Dynamics of organizational resiliency’s process are multiple. Considering resilience as  » a person’s or group’s ability to project himself into the future despite destabilizing events, conditions of tough life, sometimes severe trauma » underlines the importance of individual and of environment in which they evolve. The couple “individual – environment” can be observed at the micro, meso and macro level. It is the same for organizational resilience.
Resilience can be seen in different forms: as a capacity for resistance, reconstruction or innovation. The resiliency’s process it built into time. It allows to extract elements of a collection of events, and connect these to emergence of sense. The basic tool is the link. These dynamic is similar to the development of sense at individual and collective level. The process is performed by an actor, « a resiliency tutor”and / or stakeholder’s group. Exercised in many ways it is assigned to somebody, or somebody appropriates this role. However it can be exercised unintentionally. Anyway, just like first mentioned, they are link’s weavers and bearers of meaning. They play a key role in organizations dealing with destabilizing events. It belongs to the organization to take the initiative to introduce a dynamic of « resilience ». This role may also be provided by a service, a group of people, or a resilience cell. Let us not forget that members can find an internal support and / or external support to the organization.

Key words: organizational resilience, key players, resiliency tutor, key factors, toxic handler.

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