The project : how to deal with coherence and incoherence

Congrès UES – Octobre 2014

Auteurs : Andrée Piecq / Claude Lambert

The project fits logically into an out of balance. From a systemic point of view, the project proposed to move structure of the system towards another structural form of the system. A change in structure of the system is called a mutation and it seems as an incoherence. In contrast, if the structure is not changed, but only the observed elements are changed, this modification is called arrangement. It operates within the system as a return to balance without changing structure and it seems coherent.
If a new structure emerges when the project is complete, the emergence of its final form appears with a lot of unpredictability, uncertainty.
The project is endangering the balance of the system, which could seem inconsistent. From this imbalance will emerge a totality whose purpose will take shape.
The project is a shock that will produce a structural bifurcation. A linear analysis of the evolution of the project is often illusory.
To give coherence it is necessary to cross the levels of reality and prepare for approach steering.
The organization is a complex system and its change is considered as a meta-system that requires a meta-structure. That is to say,it must reach a meta-finality.

Keywords: project, emergence, uncertainty, incoherence, coherence, meta system, meta structure

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