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Impact of globalization in the socio-cultural sphere: Towards a new paradigm? – G.I.R.O.S.

Impact of globalization in the socio-cultural sphere: Towards a new paradigm?

Congrès EMCSR – Vienne (Autriche) 2016

Auteure : Mariella Zara

Abstract :

The most marked difference between the globalization of the past and today resides in the visibility and speed.

The extension of the media across the globe has made this visible interaction while in the past, unfolded as idle and often far from eyes.

At the economic level, the term ‘globalisation’ is described as a « phenomenon that tends to increase the interdependence of the economies in a global market system.  « It affects any of the real sphere of the economy, the financial sphere. It is therefore the fact that the national markets for goods, services, capital and production are interrelated.  There is internationalization »

Often defined along these two dimensions (economic and financial), globalization includes also two other pillars, non-negligible, the social and cultural sphere.

Therefore, we complete this definition by saying ‘it is a more general process as economic globalization that it includes, characterized by the multiplication, the acceleration and intensification of economic, social, cultural and political interactions between stakeholders in various parts of the world who participate’.

In other words, the context of globalization imprisons the structure of the “ socio-cultural sphere?”

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