And if the burnout was a symptom of our societies?

Congrès EMCSR – Vienne (Autriche) 2016

Auteure : Andrée Piecq

Abstract :

Generally the burnout is studied by considering the symptoms of physical and mental suffering of workers. The observation, the systemic analysis of the organizations show that in certain conditions, their members’ burnout is a symptom of dysfunction of the organization.

The purpose of this reflection is to examine it in the perspective of logic levels (macro-meso-micro) used in the   « Giroscope » model.

  1. The micro level studies the behavioral symptoms of member of the organizations. Some examples are: physical and mental exhaustion, depressiveness, loss of enthusiasm, devaluation of their work, of their effectiveness, loss of patience, loss of concentration, family neglect, cynicism…..
  2. The meso level: the behavior of members leads to make assumptions about its functioning. It conduct to analyze the structure and the functioning of the organization.  Those analysis are necessary to make the assumption of the burnout. This structure is “inoperational”, to become “operational” it must change. Being « operational » indicates to have made a change. The strategy to be used is the “mutation”.
  3. The macro level: hypothesis about the structure of our society.

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